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Thanks for visiting our website. We are always looking to hear from potential co-producers, investors or those with creative ideas.

  • We are also able to provide more information about the bespoke Production Accountancy services that we can offer. As Production Accountants we pride ourselves on having a detailed knowledge of the production process and theatre industry at large and can tailor our services to what you require.
  • West End, UK Touring and Broadway investing, whilst a very high-risk investment, can be a rewarding experience. We work with investors to finance a wide range of plays, musicals or events. If you would like to receive additional information or to learn more about investing in theatre, we would also love to hear from you.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to accept unsolicited CV’s or head-shots either by post or e-mail. When we are recruiting, available positions will be advertised on the Jobs section of the website.
  • We are often asked if we receive unsolicited script submissions. Whilst we are always interested in new work, we currently have a large number of projects in development.  If you wish to send us your idea please can you detail an outline of the project so we can first assess if it is a fit for us.  We do try to promptly read and reply to submissions, but we are a very small team and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to always get around to you as fast as we would like.